Why We're Not Crazy about the Phrase _Sandwich Generation_

Why We’re Not Crazy about the Phrase “Sandwich Generation”

“Sandwich(ed) generation” is a phrase that’s commonly used to describe family caregivers who are stuck in the middle, caring for their children as well as their parents. We’re here to tell you this label is unfair and divisive. When people in the media and aging sectors use it, it breaks our hearts a little. Here’s …

Sandwiched Family Caregivers of KC Start Up Fund Status
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Sandwiched KC Start Up Fund Status

WE ARE SUPER EXCITED! We just got our first online donation! What are we raising money for? Sandwiched KC is working on becoming a 501c3 nonprofit. We want to be more than a support group. We want to offer family caregivers in Kansas City more: Caregiver WorkshopsSandwiched KC will offer trainings and educational opportunities, developed …

Banner: Prepare to Care Vesper Hall March 27, 2019 6-8pm

Attend the Free Prepare to Care Workshop happening in Blue Springs

Do you spend several hours a week or more helping a loved one with daily living – housework, driving, grocery shopping – medical care, or financial responsibilities? Do you sometimes put the needs of your loved one in front of your own? Are you overwhelmed with the responsibilities of caring for a loved one in …

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Nominate a business for the SANDWICHED KC Seal of Approval!

As caregivers, we interact with the economy a lot. We pick up groceries and medicine. We interface with healthcare providers and professionals. We make major purchases on medical equipment and home repairs for our loved ones. There are certain businesses that are lifesavers in our times of desperation and panic. They are the ones that …

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This Valentine’s Day, Show Love to Caregivers in KC!

Caregivers are everywhere. Chances are, you know someone who is caring for a family member, or you will become a caregiver yourself. Valentine’s Day is a day to spread love and affection for those we care about. Here’s your chance to show those who are caring for a loved one in Kansas City some love …