Photo: daughter helping her mom with a tablet in a coffee shop

‪We are on a mission to welcome, embrace and care for those who sacrifice their time, self and sanity to care for those they love.

We want to make sure family caregivers have the support they need to not just survive, but thrive, while caregiving. 

As family caregivers ourselves, we know that family caregivers need high quality:

  • information and education to navigate their journeys,
  • emotional support to cope with the stresses and challenges of caregiving, and.
  • goods and services and equal access to the marketplace.


A space to learn and ask questions to take the right path

1:1 Coaching & Support

We help family caregivers on both sides of the state line navigate their caregiving journeys. 

Contact us for information and advice to help you care for a loved one.

Training & Workshops

We offer workshops for family caregivers in all stages of their journey, from preparing to care to after caregiving is over. We also provide training sessions on key topics related to caregiving, like planning for respite, combating caregiver fatigue, coping with caregiver stress and burnout, and making self care work.

Check out our calendar and blog for the latest news about our upcoming workshops and sessions!

Contact us for more information about hosting a session or workshop at your business or organization.

Shared Wisdom

The Support Group

Our group is open to anyone who is caring for their parents, grandparents, spouse, or anyone who they consider family and wants to connect with others who know what they’re going through.

We share tools and resources with each other to make our lives as caregivers easier and less stressful.


Opportunities to connect with others who have been in your shoes

Local Support

The Support Group

We meet monthly virtually via Zoom and will be hosting a quarterly face to face meeting for family caregivers. 

We currently have a closed group on Facebook for us to connect with each other in between meetings. All new members are asked to identify themselves, who they care for, what part of town they live in and must be approved by a moderator.

Get the lowdown on our support group meetings.

Caregiver Appreciation

Coming soon!

Partnering with local businesses and organizations, Sandwiched KC will host pop-up caregiver appreciation events to promote self care, emotional health and wellbeing. Potential future pop up events include happy hour social events, spa parties, special dinners, and discounts at local businesses.

Check our calendar for upcoming events


Resources to help you and your carees on the path to the good life

Resource Portal

Visit our Resource Portal to find all types of resources, from free educational tools and information hubs to local services and providers .


Coming soon!

Through partnerships with local businesses and organizations, we hope to offer discounts, special programs, and exclusive services and supports to family caregivers in Kansas City.

Find out how you can help Sandwiched KC help caregivers.


We offer 1:1 support to anyone who needs help in their caregiving role. If you want to connect with others who have 'been there,' we meet both virtually and in person. We also offer a facebook group and a meetup group.