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Help for those who are helping

In Kansas City and caring for a loved one? We can help!

We are a 501c3 nonprofit helping family caregivers in the Kansas City metro area by providing FREE information and referral, support groups, education, and self-care activities. Our mission is to create opportunities for family caregivers to find local support and shared wisdom.

How We Help

We’re committed to providing local family caregivers with a space to learn and ask questions to take the right path, opportunities to connect with others who have been in their shoes, and resources to help them and their care partners on their path to the best life possible.

1:1 Coaching & Support

We help family caregivers on both sides of the state line navigate their caregiving journeys.

Contact us for information and advice to help you care for a loved one.

Training & Workshops

We offer workshops for family caregivers in all stages of their journey, from preparing to care to after caregiving is over.

Support Group

We meet monthly via Zoom and in person around town.

Resource Portal

Visit our Resource Portal to find all types of resources, from free educational tools and information hubs to local services and providers.

Why “Sandwiched?”

Balancing your life and the responsibilities of caregiving can be overwhelming. There are times we can feel like we are smushed into situations so big, we’re not even sure how to take the first bite.

We know what it feels like to be stressed out and overwhelmed from caregiving.

There’s no manual for caregiving, and it can be hard to find others who understand. 

That’s why we offer information and education to family caregivers, as well chances to connect with others who have traveled similar journeys.

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The Latest

News & Resources

More Offerings

Private Facebook Group


Open to anyone who is caring for their parents, grandparents, spouse, or anyone who they consider family and wants to connect with others who know what they’re going through.


We share tools and resources with each other to make our lives as caregivers easier and less stressful.

Family Caregiver Appreciation (Coming Soon!)


Pop-up caregiver appreciation events


Partnership opportunity for local businesses and organizations

What to Expect


Validation of your experience and non-judgmental listening

We understand that every situation is unique, and every version of caregiving is hard. We’re hear to listen to what you have to share, the good and the bad.


Help from veteran family caregivers

We’ve been there. Our personal experiences qualify us support you in a way only your fellow caregivers can.


Coaching to navigate the challenges and joys of caregiving

About Us

Serving caregivers in Kansas City since 2018.

SANDWICHED Family Caregivers of KC is a 501c3 nonprofit that was founded in 2018 for people in Kansas City who are caring for parents, grandparents, spouses, siblings, and anyone they consider family. 

Whether you:

  • have a child or adult with a disability, special needs, or medical issues in your home,
  • have kids AND are caring for your own parents,
  • are a sibling taking care of your own family AND your folks or a brother or sister with a disability, or
  • are single trying to balance your life/career AND your caregiving responsibilities,

We can relate.

We know what it feels like to be smushed into situations so big we’re not even sure how to take the first bite.

“You were so much help! I have reached out to everyone you gave me and gotten the much needed help. Thank you!!”

-A daughter who's helping

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