Sandwiched KC has received funds to help family caregivers take a needed break from caring for their loved ones.

What this is all about

Family caregivers provide the majority of long-term care in the United States. We are in awe of the selfless care and sacrifices of countless daughters, sons, husbands, wives, grandchildren, and nieces & nephews here in Kansas City. We know that they make the world go ‘round… and we believe that family caregivers need a break.

Why we’re doing it

Family caregivers are often isolated and lack resources and support to plan and execute meaningful short breaks. By offering small vouchers and coaching to plan meaningful respite (when needed), we hope to help local family caregivers achieve better physical and mental health outcomes and enhance their capacity to keep their loved ones at home. 

  • A family caregiver is eligible for a respite voucher if:
    • they reside in the Kansas City Metro (Jackson in Missouri; Johnson and Wyandotte in Kansas)
      and provide the primary care for an older adult or family member with a disability (such as a parent, grandparent, sibling or other family member) who lives in the same home
    • OR they are full time employed and provide more than 25 hours a week of care.
  • Their loved one has a documented chronic or terminal condition or disability.
  • They provide justification of need.

To find out more, apply or download the packet, visit our Caregiver Respite Fund page.

Have questions? Contact us or call 816-472-9178.

Disclaimer: This is not an ongoing service. There is no guarantee of future funding. If funds are available, an application renewal will need to be completed yearly. There is no guarantee your application will be accepted and request for a voucher granted.