When meals become an issue for our older loved ones, “Meals on Wheels” is one of the first suggestions we are offered.

Local meal delivery programs like Meals on Wheels bring meals to our family members, friends, and neighbors across the metro area everyday.

Home delivered meal programs for people in need are critical programs that not only ensure the health of the ones we care for, they interrupt the social isolation experienced by many of today’s seniors who live on their own.

These programs, often powered by dedicated volunteers, deliver to our grandparents, moms and dads, neighbors, and friends, making it possible for many of them to live in their own homes and avoid placement in nursing facilities. They literally change lives.

You can arrange for home-delivered meals through community-based programs OR by purchasing them from a private company.

Home-delivered meals for older adults are most commonly delivered through Meals on Wheels and local senior centers.

It is important to note: Home delivered meals are not free. They are often offered at low cost, but we have found that it is a common misconception that this type of service doesn’t come with a price tag. Certainly, they are funded by tax dollars and private donations, but those alone would never keep programs like these going in and of themselves. However, most programs do state that if a person cannot afford the meals, they will work with them.

Senior Centers

Senior Centers often receive funding from the Older Americans Act (and private donations) to provide communal and home-delivered meals seniors and people with disabilities.

To learn more about senior centers, read our post Senior Centers: A Vital Community Resource.

To find the senior center closer to you, visit our Resources section.

Meals on Wheels Programs/Affiliates

People say “Meals on Wheels” because it is the most recognized program offering this type of service. Meals on Wheels is a national organization. Think of it as a booster club for the thousands of Meals on Wheels programs across the United States. They offer support and technical assistance to the local programs to deliver meals.

Local Meals on Wheels programs are typically housed within community organizations, nonprofits, and faith communities.

In the KC Area, you can find Meals on Wheels at the places below. Feel free to search for a local program at https://www.mealsonwheelsamerica.org/signup/aboutmealsonwheels/find-programs.

Private Solutions

If your loved one isn’t eligible, low cost home-delivered meals aren’t offered nearby, or there’s a waitlist… or maybe you’ve decided to skip the home-delivered meal program route, no judgment here.

I was the sole family member of my grandma with Alzheimer’s and a myriad of other issues for seven years. I did as much as I could stand and outsourced all of the above. I paid caregivers and hired a cleaning lady & handyman. I flirted with food and meal delivery. I tried Hello Fresh, but I didn’t like it because I had to prepare the food still 🤷🏻‍♀️

Did you know that there are plenty of local, small businesses and growing companies that deliver ready-to-eat (or heat) meals here in town?

These home-grown meal-delivery companies are options to consider if you are purchasing meals for a loved one to eat while they’re on on their own during the day.

There are a number of places right here in Kansas City that offer fully prepared meals. In most cases, you can customize how many meals you receive and how often. You can order them online and have them delivered, and, in some cases, buy them in person or pick them up at select locations to save on delivery fees. Others have locations where you can pick up a bunch of meals all at once.

Unless they’re totally maxed out, anyone who’s been caring for a while will likely agree that the time it takes to pick up a week of meals can be a huge trade off considering the stress, resources, time and energy required to prepare a week of meals ourselves.  

A few local options we found in our research are listed below.

Disclaimer: We did not personally try the meals at these businesses.

Chef Kansas City

Chef Kansas City’s kitchen is in Westport. Meals are delivered weekly on Sunday and Thursday. We found them to be very timely and personal in their response to us when we reached out for more information. We also noticed they offer promo codes on their website 😉

Minimum Order:  $60

Delivery Fee: Free with a $60 order

Link: https://www.chefkansascity.com/


Operated by three KC area natives, Kitch has two locations offering a la carte meals or memberships. If you subscribe, you can opt for delivery or pickup. If you want to purchase a la cart prepared meals, you have to pick them up. They have a location in Prairie Village and one off of 135th street in Overland Park..

Minimum Order (membership): 4 Meals Per Week at $44

Delivery Fee: $7.99, weekly for memberships. Note: only available to customers who live or work within 15 miles of our Prairie Village location.

Link: https://getkitch.com

FitStyle Foods

Launched by chef Jessica McLeod, FitStyle Foods offers prepared meals that you order in advance from FitStyle Food’s online menu. Meals can be picked up Saturday, Sunday, or Monday at pick up locations on both sides of the state line. Their main location is off of 75th Street & I-35 in Overland Park, KS.

Minimum Order:  N/A

Delivery Fee: We’re not sure – we think you should contact them regarding delivery.

Link: https://www.fitstylefoods.com/

Healthy Meals, Inc.

Founded in Kansas City in 2009, this company has a number of different meal plans, not just limited to lunch.

Meals are delivered daily.

Minimum Order: You must sign up for a meal plan, a week trial, a month plan, or 12-week plan.

Delivery Fee: $6 a day (est)

Link: https://healthymealsinc.com/


Launched by a couple in Kansas City, this company offers weekly packages and individual meals. Meals are delivered weekly.

Minimum Order:  $50

Delivery Fee: $14.99 (half price with re-occurring orders, according to their website)

Link: https://my99protein.com/


Launched in Kansas City, Evolve offers prepared meals a la carte and via meal plans. If you live in the KC area, you can have them delivered or pick them up at various locations across town. The company has grown and now includes locations in several states.

Minimum Order: N/A

Delivery Fee: $9.99 for local delivery

Link: https://www.eattoevolve.com/


A company born in the Midwest, EatFitGo offers prepared meals for pickup at partnering locations and delivery. You can pickup as many meals as you want/need at locations listed on their website, also via pre-order if you wish. You can also make orders on their website. You do not need a meal plan or subscription. Deliveries are made once a week via local delivery (in participating markets – good news, we are a participating market 😉) or a national carrier.

Minimum Order: We don’t think there’s a minimum, but we thought you should know their website says, “Meals for home shipping must be in quantities of 5, up to 20 meals per order.”

Delivery Fee: Free in Kansas City

Link: https://www.eatfitgo.com/


Chef Kansas City cares about making life easier for family caregivers and was kind enough to donate a $50 gift card. We’ll be giving it away at our October meeting. We hope to see you there!