On January 27, 2018, we launched Sandwiched KC with the sole mission of welcoming, embracing, consoling, and supporting family caregivers. 

Our mission is to create opportunities for family caregivers to find local support and shared wisdom.

We’re called Sandwiched because we believe everyone who has accepted the mission to care for a loved one is “sandwiched.”

Whether you:

  • have a child or adult with a disability, special needs, or medical issues in your home,
  • have kids AND are caring for your own parents,
  • are a sibling taking care of your own family AND your folks or a brother or sister with a disability, or
  • are single trying to balance your life/career AND your caregiving responsibilities,

We can relate. We know what it feels like to be smushed into situations so big we’re not even sure how to take the first bite.

That’s why we provide information and referral, support groups, education, and self-care activities to people in Kansas City who are caring for parents, grandparents, spouses, adult children, siblings, and anyone they consider family.

Help us keep it going!

If you love what we’re doing or maybe you love someone who’s currently or previously cared for a loved one and you want to show support, go to https://sandwichedkc.com/donate/