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Real Life Family Caregivers of Kansas City


Families are the core unit of society. When we are born, our parents take care of us. When our parents grow old, we take care of them.

Caregiving for a family member is a common stage of life for many people, still it seems the issue of family caregivers often fade into the background. Despite the fact that family caregiving is so prevalent, there is a lack of supports available, for family caregivers, as well as awareness about existing resources. Not only that, Sandwiched KC understands that, even though caring for a loved one is quite commonplace, many people carry out the responsibility of caregiving without realizing there is a formal term for what they are doing.

According to the 2022 National Strategy for Supporting Family Caregivers, “Caregiving is a public health issue that receives inadequate recognition, and family caregivers are often the hidden heroes of the health care, long-term supports and services, and the child welfare systems. Improving support for family caregivers requires increased awareness of the roles they play and the challenges they face. In addition, there are many people providing support to loved ones who do not think of themselves as “caregivers;” they need to be empowered to identify the crucial role they play so that they can receive available training and assistance if they need it.”1

The fact of the matter is family caregivers make the world go ‘round. There are approximately 53 million caregivers have provided unpaid care to an adult or child in the last 12 months.2 It is estimated that across Missouri, 800,000 provided 750 million hours in unpaid care in 2021, valued at $11,600,000.3

The estimated prevalence of family caregiving is almost 21%. Based on this prevalence rate, we estimate there are almost 500,000 family caregivers in the greater Kansas City area. [National Alliance for Caregiving and AARP. (2020). Caregiving in the U.S.] That’s why Sandwiched KC has been working on developing the Real-Life Caregivers of Kansas City public awareness campaign. The leadership team is in the process of identifying diverse caregivers representing a variety of caregiving situations to help people in the metro who are caring for a loved one begin to self-identify as family caregivers, as well as educate the public about the issues and challenges that face those who are caring for their loved ones.   Sources 1. Administration for Community Living, Caregiver Strategy. 2022 National Strategy to Support Family Caregivers. Available online:
  1. AARP and National Alliance for Caregiving. Caregiving in the United States 2020. Washington, DC: AARP. May 2020.
  2. AARP Public Policy Institute. Valuing the Invaluable: 2023 Update. Washington, DC: AARP, March 2023.

Project Overview


The purpose of the Real Life Family Caregivers of Kansas city video series is to capture the stories of family caregivers in the KC metro.


The goals of the project are to create videos/vignettes/stories to:

  • help those who are caring for a loved one self-identify, that is realize that there’s a term for the support they are providing, so they can receive assistance available to family caregivers.
  • celebrate the triumphs and identify the challenges facing family caregivers in today’s reality.
  • prepare those who are not yet in a caring role for possible future responsibilities.
  • educate the community on issues affecting those caring for a loved one.

What We’re Looking For

Folks in the KC metro who are caring for family members: spouses, parents, siblings, kids with disabilities, and adult children with developmental disabilities or mental health issues 

How to Get Involved

  • Help us find family caregivers willing to share their story
  • Spread the word about our casting call
  • Sponsor our video series
  • Offer in-kind support to support the production of our series 

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