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What are we raising money for?

Sandwiched KC is working on becoming a 501c3 nonprofit. We want to be more than a support group. We want to offer family caregivers in Kansas City more:

Caregiver Workshops
Sandwiched KC will offer trainings and educational opportunities, developed based on need. The need will be identified by support group meeting participants and warm line intake trends.

Pop-up Caregiver Appreciation Events
Partnering with local businesses and organizations, Sandwiched KC will host pop-up caregiver appreciation events to promote self care, emotional health and wellbeing. Potential future pop up events include happy hour social events, spa parties, special dinners, and discounts at local businesses.

KC Family Caregiver Conference
Held annually, the family caregiver conference will offer breakouts, interactive activities, and plenary sessions dedicated to topics related to family caregiving. The conference will feature exhibits of caregiving resources and services, as well as demos of caregiving technology. Breakouts must include at least one family caregiver as co-presenter. Sponsorships will be available to fund the event.

Family Caregiver Scholarship Fund
Sandwiched KC believes that making sure family caregivers have access to high quality information is so important, we want to provide a scholarship fund to send family caregivers to local conferences and workshops, pay for webinars, and cover any special training they may need to provide care for their loved ones.

Star Caregiver Scholarship Fund
Since Sandwiched KC wants family caregivers to have high quality information, we are going to offer two family caregivers the opportunity to attend the National Caregiving Conference. Paying for an all-inclusive trip to attend the National Caregiving Conference to local family caregivers. The caregivers selected to attend will be nominated and voted upon by the KC Metro and recognized at the KC Family Caregivers Conference.

Caregiver Warm Line
Sandwiched KC knows how it feels to be at the end of your rope with no one to talk to who understands. We want to have a warm line people can call or text if they just need someone to talk to. Warmline operators will be certified through Caregiving.com.

Respite & Relief Fund
Everybody needs help sometimes. Family caregivers spend an estimated $7,000 out of pocket on care for a loved one (AARP, 2016). Many are forced to cut back on work or quit their jobs altogether to take care of family. Sandwiched KC knows a few bucks go a long way, whether it’s paying for a home cooked meal, to cover a few hours of respite, to purchasing some equipment that’s needed to provide care. Our Respite & Relief Fund will be there in emergencies, when family caregivers have nowhere else to turn.

Caregiver User Testing
There is so much information out there about the different goods and services we need as family caregivers. None of it is from the user perspective. We want to make sure family caregivers have accurate info about the products they buy and the services they use. That’s why we’re going to pay local family caregivers stipends and 2 weeks of services in exchange for active reviews of things like respite, meal programs, cleaning businesses, and other things we use every day.

You can donate here: https://sandwichedkc.com/donate/

Find out all the ways you can help here: https://sandwichedkc.com/how-you-can-help

About Author

Rachel Hiles is a 30-something aspiring local celebrity do-gooder in Kansas City, MO. She has been the primary caregiver for her grandmother since 2015, using the knowledge and experiences gained over the past twelve years building a career helping disabilities at the individual, organizational, and systems levels to help her grandma have a good life and age in place. She is a Certified Caregiving Consultant™, Facilitator™, and Educator™.

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